Made it through my first day of work post-stress fracture. I dread all the comments of "what happened?"and "are you ok?" but no tears were shed so I'll call it a success. My foot is in more pain than in the past 2 days, but it's because I haven't had a chance to ice it today. 

The orthopedic shoe is quite bothersome. For those who know me, know I am an extremely fast walker and this shoe is really slowing me down. I'm trying to come to terms, but makes me so sad to know that all the time I spent training this summer will be for nothing. 

I'm attempting to clean up my diet while in this phase of recovery...except there are usually many mounds of chips at work. I tried to resist but wasn't totally successful; I went for the moderation approach :) Dinner tonight will be Trader Joe's cauliflower pizza crust. My lunch was clean: yogurt parfait and a quinoa-black bean salad with guacamole. Last week I was splitting cinnamon rolls with no guilt whatsoever. 

My fiance is starting to pick up his fitness routine, which I know will be hard for me. I want to ride the endorphin high and accomplish new goals. For now, I will commit to a blog post a day for 1 month. 


my first post/my first stress fracture

Well, I hope my future posts become more upbeat, however being diagnosed with a stress fracture has allowed me time to start writing this blog. Marathon training has been both amazing and stressful, and being in the midst of training, I thought I was out of the clear with injuries- and I was completely wrong. 

I've been extremely depressed and sad today, so a creative outlet is the only thing I can think of to cheer me up. I have 8 weeks until the Chicago Marathon and right now I am mentally preparing myself for not being able to run. At many points throughout training I've thought about what I am putting my body through and how I want to start practicing yoga when training is done. Maybe this is my body telling me that I'm not cut out for this high-intensity training. As much as I love running and getting up early to run along the lakefront, I don't think my body can handle it. So for right now, I'm laying in bed and wearing a boot whenever weight-bearing. 

Hopefully the upside to this is (finally) starting a blog. I purchased this domain over a month ago and it's just been sitting here under construction, so here we go! The stress fracture road to recovery starts right now.